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I’m a Digital Artist, Book Cover Designer and Graphic Arist from Bavaria, Germany living in a very small village by Bamberg near the forest. I'm a workaholic, nature lover and harmony addicted. I love gardening and animals. So I collect rare plants and feed our birds, squirrels and even the dormouse in our housetop.  Art is like breathing and eating for me - I can't without. Since 2010 I have been working for self-publishing authors and indie publishers like Soul Mate Publishing, in addition to studying art and my part-time job as a  medical assistant. 2018 I made my master of arts and since last year I took the step to become full time designer. 

My works are mostly photomontages. For that I use stock photos or my own photos and overpaint them using my graphic tablet as well as using 3d elements, textures and my own fractals. I work with Photosop CC (2017), Illustrator, InDesign, Blender, Daz3d and Chaotica.


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Skyler Andra

aka Louisa Clarkson

Anna is an incredibly talented designer who continually exceeds my expectations with her covers and illustrations for chapter headings. I don't give her briefs, I let her do her thing, and every cover/artwork has been amazing. Her covers regularly get compliments by authors and readers. She is one of the nicest people to work with too! 


Louisa Clarkson

Sabrina Estafo

I can’t say enough great things about Anna! I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on two customs and it was one of the smoothest experiences I’ve had with a designer. I always have a very clear picture of how I want my covers to look and I’m a very detailed person (In other words, I might be a nightmare for some designers). But Anna never made me feel like a nuisance for my requests and worked with me until I was fully happy! She was also so kind, generous, and professional. Not to mention, she is also the quickest designer I have ever worked with, which is a big plus especially if you have deadlines! I know I can always depend on her to deliver gorgeous, unique covers at an affordable price. I love Anna and will definitely return for more stunning designs! Highly recommend! 5-star designer! :)

shiftersredemtionebooksize (1).jpg

Angelique Anderson

Anna always goes above and beyond with every creation. She makes incredible logos, and her cover artwork is just absolutely to die for. Not only that but she is so kind and easy to work! As an indie author it’s important for me to have covers that look eye-catching and professional, and she always works hard to make sure everything she makes is just that!



At the moment I am booking for end for July and following.


Thank you so much for your message! I will contact you as soon as possible! Please consider we may live in different time zones and for you it's day, but for me night.

2020 Premade Cover

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