Custom Hand Drawn Logo Design


Hand drawn Logo Design?

Why should you choose a custom hand drawn logo design? Of course you can hire an artist to make you a custom logo out of vector stock. For that you should get an extended license to be on the safe site. One extended license with shutterstock is around $99.50 per image. But this stock is not even exclusive. You will share that stock vector with perhaps hundreds of other authors/designers/companies. Also you will never be able to trademark that logo. But with a hand drawn logo design you can be 100 % sure it is yours, it fits you brand and express what kind of author you are. I offer as many revisions for your logo until you just love it. So you can be sure you will have the perfect design for you. 

Custom Hand Drawn Logo 250$

- Custom Drawn Logo "Motive"

- Unlimited Revisions

- B&W / Color Version

- Monogram Version

- Orginal ai. vector file

- Premium Font for your Name and Tagline

Additional cost:

Custom Made Font Design: 200 $

Facebookbanner, Websitebanner, Buissnesscard: 50$

Custom Hand Drawn Vector Art 250$

House Crests, Series Logos, Chapter Headers etc.

- Unlimited Revisions

- B&W / Color Version