At the moment I am booking for August and following.

Custom Book Cover Pricing


Facebook Banner + Website Banner + Book Mockup

40 $

Bookable to the custom book cover packages & premades





I do different styles for my book covers and I think it is always easier to speak in pictures! ♥

Symbol Cover

Charakter Design

Portrait Cover


A cover without any humans. Often with animals, flowers and objects


A cover where the main character is fully done in 3d plus overpainting. Stock is only for the background.


The main character is zoomed in and the focus is on his/her face.

Full Body


Here is the main character zoomed out and the main focus is on action and movement.


Contact me

Contact me to arrange the schedule for your book cover design. I require a  non-refundable deposit of 30$ (out of the package price)

Contract & Info

Share the basic informations about your cover (deadline, genre etc.), fill out my cover art questionaire and sign my contract

Cover Making

Starting with a first draft of your book cover I work in your feedback and we work together until you agree to the  final design.


You get your final book cover design files in your own cloud folder ( it stays online for half a year) and I send over the final invoice.



1. How long does it take to the final book cover?

That depends on the complexity of the work and how many revisions are necessary. My fastest was 2 days, my longest 3 weeks. 

2. Do you do revisions for free?

Yes I do! As long as it stays in an appropriate frame.

3. Do you also work on weekends?

Yes I do! Sunday is mostly the day for my billings. But I also do urgent cover / logo artwork.

4. I want the ebook now and the print cover later. Will that work?

Yes, no problem. You don't need a slot in my schedule for that. I will always take print commissions.

5. I don't know my page count now (which I need for the trim size of my book)!

No problem. I make a "sample template" and fit it on later when you know your sizes.

6. Do you give away layered PSD. files?

No. I only give away flattened PSD. files. That means the artwork on one layer and the text on another. 

7. Where do you get your stock from?

I use,, AdobeStock, and boutique stock like Neo-Stock. These are inclusive your design package. Exclusive or Extended Licenses have to be paid extra.